Helping Partners
become Leaders
everyone looks up to

the stakes are high!

ask yourself:

  • Have you been frustrated by the ever higher-and-higher demands clients and your firm, your partners, and people throw at you?
  • Do you struggle to be leader, manager, revenue producer, and subject-matter expert at the same time (and all at champion’s level)?
  • Has your workload continued to explode, and you working longer and harder seems not to be the solution anymore?
  • Do your team members (from partners to analyst) appear unengaged, cynical, self-absorbed, lacking the spirit?
  • Have you become a professional ‘without a life’, checking in at a home where they hardly recognize you anymore?
  • Do you feel stuck and are wondering, “What’s happening here? Where’s the fun gone?”

do you sometimes ask yourself...

"have I got what it takes?"

Your clients and your team members probably aren’t the problem …

The problem may be that you all over the place.

and it shows!

Yes, partners focus on spotting, developing, and delivering opportunities.

And once in role, they hate to let go of their subject-matter-expertise heritage.

So, they make it clear to everyone that nothing will change, they’ll remain client-facing. Whatever it may take.

And it takes a lot …

Because the old workload stays, plus some practice stuff, and then: NOTHING!

However, it’s a struggle. It’s clear to all.

The team turns cynical; the staff starts to disengage, practice morale starts dipping. And partners get frustrated.

Again, where did all the fun go?

Now, imagine this...

You are the partner everybody looks up to!

You take care of your people and your clients. Because you’ve realized it’s about what you can do for them.

People around you understand where you plan to take your clients, your practice … them.

They know what you stand for as a leader. 

They are excited by the roles they may play. And they understand what help you need from them and how they can count on you.

If you have grander ambitions for yourself or your team but struggle with accelerating your progress, we should talk.

Kind Words From People I've Worked With

As a former managing partner, Max brings a deep understanding of the consulting industry. He knows how successful firms operate, from strategy consulting to Big 4. As a coach, he asks thought-provoking questions which trigger action. And it all happens in a relaxed and unassuming conversation. I always left my meetings with Max with vivid pictures in my mind to which I refer again and again.

Andreas Hoberg, Chief Sales Officer, Ingenics

Max is one of the rare individuals who truly combine best-practice management consulting expertise with a genuine ability to lead. He is quick on the uptake, pragmatic and to the point and thus an inspiring person to relate and to work with.

Klaus Ewerth, Managing Partner, Civitas International

You Should Know

I’m focusing on supporting partners, practice leaders, and executive teams in professional firms: Big Four (and contenders), consulting, private equity. That’s it – no auto companies, no chemical firms, no supply-chain integrators – nothing but.

The thought of helping leaders becoming more successful by assisting them in refocusing practices and themselves literally keeps me up at night. In fact, I consider it my mission in life to cure professional firms of under-managed and under-led practice groups. Care to join me? You’ll be glad you did.