June 28, 2021

Did you know, there are 3 partner powers that will make your partner career a success?


Let’s be honest, the question we all ask ourselves in one of those reflective moments when it’s getting tough is:


“Have I got what it takes to be a partner?’”


I know I did. And I bet you do too.


But how do you know?


Over my career, I have seen many a partner evaluation system. Granular systems and high-level systems, all trying to measure partners fairly and equitably.


Whatever system is used at your firm, make sure you’re not getting confused.


I’m convinced that in the end, it all comes down to what I call the 3 Partner Powers.


Focus on these for a successful partner career and you will make a difference.


The 3 Partner Powers


1. Build Up


Your market: internally and externally. Without market success, you’ll have no partner career. It’s the foundation for everything.


You’ve got to build your reputation internally and externally. So ask yourself:


Is your approach to sales and marketing of what you do consistent, repeatable and sustainable?


Does it allow for a predictable revenue stream?


2. Team Up


With staff, partners and clients. Lone partners never make it. That’s it, done. If you can’t team, you will miss the boat.


Moreover, teaming requires the ability to listen and shut up, to ask the right questions, and to coach people.


You need to be vulnerable, able to balance being personal with staying professional.


Easy? Good for you, but are you being honest with yourself? So many partners struggle here.


3. Lead Up


It’s about leading yourself and others for more excitement, confidence and joy.


Let’s face it, without the ability to lead, best-case scenario, you will stay a subject-matter expert. For success, it needs more than that, and it starts with leading yourself.


Establish your core leadership principles and identify your non-negotiables. Leaders articulate what they want!


Oh, and I take subject matter expertise as a given for partners — just saying.


Work at the three essential Partner Powers, and you’ll be on your way to a great partner career.


PS. And here is a link to my Partner Powers Scorecard so that you can see how you do!


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