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My story


Everything changed. For me, during a short 18-month period. First skiing: I broke my right wrist. Then sailing: I shattered my right ankle, 5 hours offshore, 10 hours away from the nearest hospital. 

Two major blows I caused myself − by being strong, hurrying up − as always. That was in the summer of 2013.  

And I went on. I took on the next leadership role, this time a global one. 

Two years later, I ran into an old friend, an executive coach. We hadn’t seen each other for 30 years. Listening to my story, she asked me the most profound question I’d ever heard: 

“And to whom do you need to prove it?”

And that’s when things got set into motion − in my head. Sure, I loved being in my role, dealing with clients, connecting with people across continents, sharing my vision. But I was tired. In every possible way. 

Over the next few months, it became clear: Things had to change. I had to change. I wanted to do something else; I wanted to have my energy back.

I know consulting and financial services firms. I understand how they operate and what they reward. After all, I stayed for 27 years. 

You find these firms and their challenges as fascinating as I do: bright people, highly energized, intrinsically motivated − so much to work with. FUN!

Yet under-led and under-managed at times.

Or just plain demotivated, overworked, tired, uninspired by their leaders.

And it’s not working, but you stay with it − processes, rituals, habits. No change. But you don’t know any better.

But it’s usually about the person in the lead: not deliberate about what they want − for themselves and others. 

And there’s little communication of expectations, ideas, and plans. “Smart people will figure!

And that’s where I come in.