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Coaching and Mentoring
for Partners at the Big Four and Similar Firms

As a former managing partner, Max brings a deep understanding of the consulting industry. He knows how successful firms operate, from strategy consulting to Big 4. As a coach, he asks thought-provoking questions which trigger action. And it all happens in a relaxed and unassuming conversation. I always left my meetings with Max with vivid pictures in my mind to which I refer again and again.

Andreas Hoberg

Chief Sales Officer, Ingenics

Andreas Hoberg

The PartnerPowers Mastermind

In my years as a partner and executive coach, I’ve developed a
perspective on what’s relevant for partner success:

  • Do the things that work
  • Stop doing the things that don’t work
  • Do it consistently, and you’ll succeed

But there are only two problems with this:

1 - How do you know what works and what doesn’t?

2 - How do you ensure doing the right things consistently so that success becomes likely?

And the true secret: 
Don’t go it alone because partners who grind it out alone may lose confidence
and sight of the excitement and joy they once had as a professional.

Here’s where The PartnerPowers Mastermind comes in.
It allows you to develop your practice and achieve your leadership goals with the help of a small group of peers and a Big Four-experienced coach and mentor.

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What people say

Max is one of the rare individuals who truly combine best-practice management consulting expertise with a genuine ability to lead. He is quick on the uptake, pragmatic and to the point and thus an inspiring person to relate and to work with.

Klaus Ewerth

Civitas International

Max has been the most impactful leader and coach for my own development and career. He has always been and still is a great discussion partner, challenger, sounding board, and advisor who provides guidance and the right spin when it matters most.

Marc Foerstemann

Ernst & Young

Max challenged and supported me, asking profound questions, which I had not asked myself before. He was an excellent translator of my own thoughts. Every single conversation helped me reflect on new ideas and prioritized things to be changed – and not to be changed

Christian Keyser


Supporting partners at Big Four and similar professional services firms to build standout practices and teams while having a life.