Coaching and Mentoring Aspiring Partners at the Big Four and Similar Firms 

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The pressure to be a great partner can feel overwhelming

Are you trying to…

● Strive for a leadership role within your firm?
● Excel in the market, with a formidable team by your side?
● Inspire others as you exceed your goals with ease?


When you’re trying to catapult your career under your own steam, the pressure can be suffocating. Asking your firm for support risks looking like you can’t get on.

You need a guide to help you master your career with ease.

Let’s work together

Sound familiar?

  • Never enough hours in the day?
  • Frustrated by ever-increasing demands?
  • Struggling to be all things to everyone?
  • Overwhelmed by an exploding workload?
  • Concerned your team’s lost their mojo?
  • Wondering where the fun’s gone in life?

It’s not fair that others gain ‘uber partner’ status while your own career stagnates.

Let’s work together

Become the leader you always wanted to be


Work out what you’re really trying to achieve


Map out your journey to success


Review your progress and reassess next steps

I coach and mentor partners. Period.

Becoming a partner and leader is tough. I know, because I’ve been there.



At times baffled by all the stuff my firm threw at me while trying to stay afloat, I also wondered why other partners seemed so much more at ease and, apparently, did the right things?



Getting clear on what I wanted, figuring out my strategy and making sure that I executed the right steps helped me enjoy a successful career. You can get there too.



Hi, I’m Max Habeck. I coach and mentor partners at large consulting and professional services firms. I’ve worked in consulting all my life, first, at Kearney, a strategy firm, where I made partner and practice leader. Later, I became a managing partner at EY, looking after 1,300 people in one of the fastest-growing practices globally. And I wrote two books on post-merger integration, my career theme.


Now, I support partners to build stand-out practices while having a life.


Ultimately, for me, it’s about being an integral part of bringing excitement, confidence and joy to people in large consulting and professional services firms-wherever they may be.


let’s work together

How we can work together


Become the leader you always wanted to be (and the one your team needs)!

1-on-1 partner coaching and mentoring over 4-6 months. Not for the faint-hearted. Personal change is behavioural, and it’s tough. We’ll go deep – taking stakeholder feedback into account! You’ll need to be prepared to let go of old routines, habits, and processes you’ve used (and liked) for years.


Lay the foundations for your future success – within a day!

A day-long, confidential, no-holds-barred deep dive, held off-site. We’ll leave hardly any stone unturned. Get your arms around your most pertinent practice, people and leadership issues, strategic and tactical options. Then design a plan
to get to where you really want to be.


Align your partners and achieve ambitious team and individual results!

Focusing on partners in practice groups, account teams and industry sectors, all participants will learn more about stakeholder views and expectations. You’ll establish common ground within your group, identifying how to work together and hold each other accountable, so you finally excel as a team and as individual partners.

I support partners, practice leaders, and executive teams in large consulting and professional services firms. That’s really it.
I’m probably not the one for auto companies, chemical firms, supply-chain integrators.

let’s work together

As a former managing partner, Max brings a deep understanding of the consulting industry. He knows how successful firms operate, from strategy consulting to Big 4. As a coach, he asks thought-provoking questions which trigger action. And it all happens in a relaxed and unassuming conversation. I always left my meetings with Max with vivid pictures in my mind to which I refer again and again.
Andreas Hoberg
Andreas Hoberg, Chief Sales Officer, Ingenics

Become the inspiring leader you deserve to be:

Step 1. Arrange A Call

First step: Click below and send me a message. So that we can have a call at your convenience.  Then I can learn more about the challenges you face and your vision for the future.

Step 2. Develop a plan

Together we’ll develop a customised plan and agree how we’ll work together.

Step 3. Enjoy your success

Start enjoying success as the go-to partner in your practice. An inspiring leader, appreciated by colleagues and ready for the next step. And never overlooked for that opportunity again.

let’s work together

It’s time to take your next step

You want to be an inspiring leader. But the pressure is immense. You risk losing face if you ask for help at work. And risk losing your job if you fail. I get it. I coach and mentor aspiring leaders to focus on what’s important so they can achieve the success they work so hard for.

Let’s work together

Max is one of the rare individuals who truly combine best-practice management consulting expertise with a genuine ability to lead. He is quick on the uptake, pragmatic and to the point and thus an inspiring person to relate and to work with.

Klaus Ewerth

Managing Partner, Civitas InternationalMax has been the most impactful leader and coach for my own development and career. He has always been and still is a great discussion partner, challenger, sounding board, and advisor who provides guidance and the right spin when it matters most.

Marc Foerstemann

Strategy and Transactions Deputy Leader for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa at Ernst & YoungMax challenged and supported me, asking profound questions, which I had not asked myself before. He was an excellent translator of my own thoughts. Every single conversation helped me reflect on new ideas and prioritized things to be changed – and not to be changed.

Christian Kayser

Director at Treuenfels

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