November 8, 2021

You gotta survive as a lateral-hire partner. There is no question. But your chance of failure as a new lateral-hire partner is high. Very high!

You’re ready! You’re excited! You’re apprehensive!

The new firm is a terrific opportunity: Great interviews, great people, great clients. Yet you are now in a new place, thinking “Can I add value quickly enough? Will people accept me? Will the firm keep its promises.”

Ultimately: “Do I have what it takes?”

I have been there, and I totally get it! All totally normal.

Let me give you 3 tips which may make your transition a little easier.


3 tips for survival

1. Design your onboarding plan

You think ‘I thought the firm would do it?’ Guess what? The firm won’t do it. It’s up to you. Make your plan – what will you accomplish during the first 90 days? Share it with your new boss and ask for input.

2. Prepare your story

Your new colleagues want to know what is it you do, and who do you do it for? And why do you want to do it here? Be prepared with your story so it is clear to everyone why you are there, the value you bring. They all will ask. Believe me!

A little hint: also ask how you could potentially help THEM to be more successful.

3. Shut up & listen

You might be heaven’s gift to the profession, your career may have been stellar so far but nobody cares. There is no need to tell others. And also stop mentioning your old firm. You know why, right..?

These 3 tips are no guarantees. But they may help you to ease into the new firm and get you out of the starting block! And you have more chance to survive as a lateral-hire partner.


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