September 20, 2021

Can you say, if anyone is telling you the truth about you? As a partner, you may be surrounded with cheerleaders –  those folks around you, willing to blow some smoke…?


It feels good to be told you’re doing great and that you are the pillar of the firm, if not the profession. But do you know, really know, that it’s the truth? 


The struggle


You are doing well, your firm continues to tell you so, but you know that you are stuck in certain areas – feeling unsure, insecure. 


You’ve managed to hide it quite well – so you think. 


After all, you are now very, very senior, and showing personal weaknesses is not what you see others doing at your firm.


Something I also struggled with during my partner career. Not only:


“Will others take advantage of me showing weakness?”


But also,


who would put aside their personal agendas, to be honest with me?”


Tough questions for me at the time, and many of my clients deal with them too.


Where to find the truth about you


You need a perspective from people beyond your loved ones, and asking directly for it is what makes us so very uncomfortable. Especially with colleagues. Because we’re all winners, aren’t we?


So, what can you do?


Get uncomfortable!!! To grow personally that’s what you need to do! You need to stretch yourself.


Start gradually


You won’t get the truth if you don’t start asking. Reach out to 1 or 2 friendly souls at your firm. Be clear with what you want, saying:


“You know what? I wonder and need some help here. I’d appreciate it if you…” 


Ask how you are perceived, how you come across.


Don’t dwell on the past. Make it about ‘feedforward’, not ‘feedback’.


And if you hear something which you think is dead wrong, don’t get defensive. Don’t ask for evidence, the case. Just ask what they would do if in your shoes. If they have any ideas?


Make sure you’re prepared to listen to what you get back! 


It will make you uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt physically.


And once you start to reduce your comfort level, you will find you grow personally and in your career.



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