PartnerPowers Power Session

A One-Day Intensive Personal Strategy Session to Design Your Future Success




Don’t let a lack of time hold back your success

It’s not always easy mastering the art of successful leadership. Sometimes it feels like spinning your wheels without much traction. A clear strategy, with guidance from someone who has done it and knows what it takes, will drive you toward your goals. But formulating that plan can be tough when you’re working relentlessly.

On track to inspired leadership – in just one day

When your practice falls short of your expectations, it’s time to step back and take stock. Work strategically through your challenges. Reassess your team set up and priorities – as well as your own career. But it’s messy and complicated. And there’s never time to fix it properly.

I get it. I’ve walked in your shoes. Wanting the answers. Wondering how others seemed so nimble. Wishing I could just ask the most proficient how they’d cracked it.

By adopting a winning mindset and a balance of effectiveness and efficiency, over time I cracked it for myself and became the successful leader I always yearned to be.

I can help you get that too – with the PartnerPowers Power Session. This one-day intensive will give ambitious partners like you the inside track.

Get the answers to the questions no-one ever gets the chance to ask so you know your next steps will be smart ones.

Ready to dig deep and get clarity?

Get the answers you need but could never ask

Understand what’s holding you back so you can take positive action

Reassess your real goals in complete confidence

Get the inside track from an accomplished leader who knows what it takes

The PartnerPowers Power Session is a one-day confidential, no-holds-barred personal strategy session. Held off-site, we’ll dig deep and leave hardly any stone unturned. Get to grips with your most pertinent practice, people and leadership challenges. Assess your strategic and tactical options and nail the priority projects to focus on to achieve your goals.

[Max] knows how successful firms operate, from strategy consulting to Big 4. He asks thought-provoking questions which trigger action.



PartnerPowers Power Session, a one-day intensive, includes:

  • A 30-minute discovery call before the day to clarify what's on your mind - and your priorities.
  • A day-long intensive coaching and mentoring session, at an off-site location of your choice. We start with a relaxed breakfast in the morning, discussing your goals and questions. Then we’ll spend the next hours working shoulder-to-shoulder. We’ll nail the issues and work out an easy-to-action plan for your success.
  • 6 months’ mentoring support via text, phone, or email, allowing you to reflect on what may emerge. You can contact me any day or time with questions. I reply within 24 hours (usually much quicker!).

Get the strategy you need for success:

1. SCHEDULE A CALL – Let’s talk through your challenges and your objectives.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR PRIORITIES – We’ll use valuable insight from your stakeholders to identify your priority focus areas and get a plan in place for success.

3. ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – Fast-track your success with an aligned and energised partner group working effectively together towards a common goal.

I coach and mentor partners in the Big Four and similar firms.

I’ve worked in consulting all my life. First, at Kearney, a strategy firm, where I made partner and practice leader. Later, I became a managing partner at EY, looking after one of the fastest-growing practices globally. And I wrote two books on post-merger integration, my career theme. Now, I support partners to build standout practices and teams while having a life.

I’m about bringing excitement, confidence and joy to people in large professional firms – wherever they may be