August 9, 2021

You understand your client’s problem, right? That’s why you’re here, giving the proposal presentation.


But, you start with generic comments on the world-at-large, industry trends, and your firm’s global office setup. Just like everyone else.


Your client has heard it all before. If not from you then from the other firms. It’s another of the proposal sins , and it will cost you that client if not more.


Do you understand?


You are wasting too much time.


You take too long and clients become antsy, nervous, wondering when you will finally share with them that you’ve got it. You are up in the clouds but your client is not.


They start to wonder ‘Does this firm actually understand my problem’?


Believe me – I’ve seen those smirks and rolling eyes during presentations when we kept talking along.


You have to get to the point, and FAST.


Be clear and keep it simple


Cut out the nonsense, and keep it simple , for the client and yourself by following these three steps:


1. Start with the situation


It’s simple: you need to explain the problem the client is facing!


I hear you now say two things:


A: You say “but the client knows what the problem is!”


I hear you but they want some assurance that you do, too. If need be, feed them back their own words!


B: You say “but the client couldn’t even ID the problem!”


Good enough. Tell them they couldn’t! And segue into…


2. Explain the complication


The specifics at the client or in the larger world that make fixing the client’s problem particularly challenging, interesting, whatever.




3. Address the issues


Spell out and address the top 3-7 key questions on the client’s and your mind in detail and provide the answers.


Much clearer for everyone. And, surprise, you’ve even got a structure for your proposal now!



Read on for proposal sin #5

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