August 2, 2021

Bad practice group leaders will ruin everything around. Have you experienced them? Or are you one?


And how do you know?


Finally, you’re leading that practice group. It’s on you to generate results outstripping your predecessor’s. But somehow, it’s not coming together.


Even worse, your group has become that one in the firm others refer to as the “under-led and under-managed one.”


There are five habits of bad practice group leaders and if that’s the case I bet one or two of these five habits may be yours.


Bad practice group leader habits


1. No cadence in managing the group

Meetings, calls, personal engagement? Everything related to running the group done spur-of-the-moment, unprepared. And it drives people bananas.


2. Indecisiveness

Never an answer straight away. Mulling it over and statements like, “Leave it with me!” Some associates want to do precisely that; others wonder whether they should bother asking in the first place.


3. Acting like an employee

A partner is supposed to be an entrepreneur, driving and building the business. But these ones don’t like to rock the boat, and that’s why they keep asking permission from their managing partner all the time.


4. Unclear expectation setting

Messaging is inconsistent. What are they willing to accept, and where they will be putting their foot down — no idea. As a result, people are constantly in limbo, uncertain about standards, dos and don’ts.


5. Not engaging with people

Always too busy to spare time. And people are sensing that they probably wouldn’t be welcome to stop by, and they don’t, because our leader seems so — busy.


I tell you: your people want to engage and find joy in what they do.


So, do them and yourself a favour — watch out for these habits, and if you recognise yourself here, you’ve got to hit the brakes!





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