August 16, 2021

You’re a partner so others at the firm look up to you but there’s a dark side of being a role model and you probably never thought of it.


That Zoom call is over. And it was a good one. All agreed on the next steps, the actions required.


There was even someone taking meeting notes. “Not too crappy!”


This time you really pushed things along. Thumbs up!


You left that meeting pointing out what you would do. And then? Nothing!


And that’s one of the fastest ways to destroy your credibility within your group, if not the firm.


Are you actually a role model?


In good spirits, you all left that call and then you all got ‘back to business’. And you found plenty to do. Things got busy, I mean r-e-a-l b-u-s-y.


Believe me, I’ve been there myself.


What seemed important at the time of the call for all of you, after all, you all agreed, is still important but maybe not that important.


And time passes on and there’s the next Zoom check-in…


Strangely enough, you all have very little to show. The exception being the least senior people in the room.


You feel bad. But, ‘hey, that’s how it is around here. We all have our individual scorecards, right?”


Yes, but you’re partners, right? And you all set the example.


And make no mistake: they’ll all noticed that you didn’t do what you promised to do.


Even worse: if they’re junior to you, they’ll assume that these are the standards. And if this is the norm around here, it’s better to fall in step.


And the very next time, guess what will happen? Right!!!


See why being a role model as a partner has its dark side?


And talking about calls – here’s why everyone thinks your practice calls are terrible.



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