December 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered why others around you seem to have it so easy? Much easier than you? That somehow they’ve got the role?

There is a secret behind those that are great partners and leaders. A thing they do that separates them from the rest. And if you want to be a great leader you need to learn it…

The firms of today are big, complex. They demand a lot from their partners. Constantly reworking their setup. All the time. And there are demands from your team too.

It can be hard to stay on top of things. I get it, I’ve been there.

Let me share a little story:

As a 16-year old, I wanted to become a professional show-jumper. My career was to start with an apprenticeship at one of the well-known stables in Northern Germany. This was to the total dismay of my father who could not believe what he was hearing.

Not easily distracted, I asked my mum to drive me to one of the stables so I could spend a day there to figure things out. Test it out a little first. Talking to folks, you know, sniffing the environment, getting the vibes. Simple.

My mum was totally supportive even though the stables were two hours away or so. She said,

“Absolutely, just tell me the day. And they probably start early. Let’s make sure that we leave at 5 am. So you make the morning stables.”

I thought: Terrific! Yes! I’m off, the first step made!

In theory, yes. But somehow, I never got to see any of the stables! And my show-jumping career ended before it even started.

Funny story? Predictable?

In a way, it is. But there’s also some learning here.

The secret

You want things to happen, you need to make it so.

As a partner you need to show up. And being a leader means showing up consistently. There is always some reason why not, right? You are too busy. The task is beneath you. All these excuses.

Being a partner and a leader means showing up. Regularly. Internally and externally. Being there when it counts!

And when you start doing this people notice you and respect you. It is one of the secrets to Lead Up your partner career!

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