November 15, 2021

Will it be? A successful partner hire? Let’s face it – bringing in a partner is a risky and lengthy process. Here are two things you need to do so your latest hire is a success.

You went through this nosebleed of a partner-hiring process. I know it. Thinking about how hard it was to keep the process going still makes me shiver!

And now it’s done. The ink has dried. And you can go back to doing some real work.

But don’t mess it up. You cannot afford to do this now. All that hard work and it could cost you personal goodwill, credibility, plus practice revenues.

For a successful partner hire YOU need to:

Plan ahead

Prepare an onboarding plan. With the new partner. Yes!

Involve them in the plan. And before coming on board so it is clear what is expected.

Make it for the first 90 days and get descriptive. Have it so you both know what they will accomplish.

Check In

Ask for weekly accountability updates.

Each Friday, send your new partner an email with 3 straight-forward sections and ask for a reply by Monday morning:

  1. This week, … ( what have you accomplished? )
  2. Next week, … ( what will you focus on? )
  3. What else … ( do you want me to know? )

The third question is critical. It helps you identify when and where to step in. So that your new partner is not operating in a vacuum. Make sure to include these emails in the onboarding plan so it is no surprise.

And make sure YOU do your part!

You say you can’t make the time to send a weekly email for 12 weeks? Create it and schedule it. Set a reminder. Let your assistant do it.

A quick email, the same, every week? Not hard.

Stay on top of things or you will look stupid for pushing through with that hire.


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