August 23, 2021

You want to become a leader but you mentally remain a line partner. Well guess what? It will never happen!


Yes, you heard me. You will cost yourself the career you always wanted.


But you want a larger role for yourself at the firm – you can see it. One day you will become a leader and make lead partner. But it’s not enough – others need to see it too.


Plus, if you’re honest, you’re not quite sure that you’ve got what it takes. Maybe doubts are setting in. You are successful; you make your numbers! Why are you convincing yourself?


That’s where the challenge is!


I know it; I used to be in your shoes.


Getting ready is hard work – you need a mindset shift.


Get ready to become a leader


You might not be too far away or you might have lots to do still.


Here are 5 questions for you to work out where you are and what you need to focus on.


Grade yourself on a 1 to 10, low to high scale.


Take time and think on each one:


1.  How comfortable are you with delegating and letting go?


2.  Have you established a reliable leadership rhythm with your team, something people can rely on?


3.  How clear are you on your reputation at your firm and the areas for potential improvement?


4.  Is there any evidence that you stay relevant and on top of broader developments beyond pure subject-matter expertise?


5.  What about your vision for your future – are you clear on what you truly want?




Mainly 1s? You have a lot to work on. Nearer to 10s? You still have work to do!


Whatever your answers, you have some food for thought now.


You know where you are and what you need to work on.


It’s time to get going!


Come talk to me if you’re not sure where to start – I’d love to help you make that next step.




Want to find out where you are at with your partner powers? And get some tips on getting there? Perhaps my PartnerPowers Scorecard is for you. It will take you 2 minutes to find out where you stand with the market, your team, as a leader.

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