April 7, 2021

Who are you? What do you do? For whom? 


You need to be clear on these questions to keep up with your peers and build your book of business.


Look around you. 


Successful partners always seem to be in the right positions to present themselves to clients. 


How do they do this? More importantly, how can YOU do it?


Stop chasing 


Slow down and re-focus.


I always remember a partner joining us a while back. He and I had known each other for a couple of years and one day after joining he asked:


“Max, I don’t know but if I think about our old place, I would have been out in the market, doing client briefings, presenting at conferences, being quoted in business journals. Shouldn’t I do this here as well?” 


He had a point. Those are all good ways to build your network but there’s an easier way.


My answer: “I totally get what you’re saying but hold your horses. What you are describing is the program for years 3, 4, etc. Right now you need to get to know partners whose topics sit next to yours, explain to them what you do and understand what they do.”


Look closer to home to build further


You and your peers are taking meetings every day so leverage the size and footprint of your Big 4 firm to develop a strong internal network for referral.


Think about the client. Time for one meeting – who would you take it with? Some person you met at a conference or someone recommended to you?


But, make it easy for your partners. 


Get clear on your ideal client and how an opportunity for you would look like. Present your story at partner meetings in the major offices so your partners get to know you. Give them a story to remember and refer you with. 


Once people understand you, they know who you are, and what you offer, your book of business will start to grow.


And remember: networking goes both ways so always ask back to your peers how you can help them.




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