September 6, 2021

As a partner you consider people the biggest assets of the firm, right? Saying it and doing it is two different pairs of shoes. But you need to engage your people if you want a partner career.


I know you’re busy. After all, you’re a partner and there’s plenty to do for you – all the time.


And clients come first. That’s what your very first mentor told you, on your very first day.


So when it comes to building your team, you tend to take it lightly! Yes, you heard me! You go lightly when engaging your team.


It’s a constant struggle; I totally get it.


But it will cost you! Your credibility, the following you need, and crucially the extra effort when you desperately need it…


Engage your people


There’s something that sets apart great firms and their practices from … the not so great.


And it has to do with asset-building beyond know-how, intellectual capital. It’s called people engagement.


The great select, engage and develop their people purposefully.


They spend time at it!!! Who would have thought?!


You gotta do the work


You know what? It’s the partners, yes, YOU, who need to get involved and drive it. So, what to do?


Start with these 5 questions. Ask yourself how you do, on a 1-10 scale.


1 = terrible, 10 = the best. Anywhere in between = could do better.


Be honest!


1.  How attractive is your firm or group for candidates and staff below partner-level?


2.  How involved are you in developing a strong community base (a home!) for your people?


3.  How good are you at looking out for people intentionally?


4.  How well do you do in retaining staff?


5.  What’s your involvement in recruiting and development?


You maybe have a lot of ‘could do better’ ? Great! You have some food for thought now and an angle for improving.


Your people are the biggest asset, you need to engage them!


Get to work!



Want to find out where you are at with your partner powers? And get some tips on getting there? Perhaps my PartnerPowers Scorecard is for you. It will take you 2 minutes to find out where you stand with the market, your team, as a leader.

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