March 24, 2021

I bet your revenue generation sucks.


I’ve seen many partners falter over the years. Great subject matter experts who knew a boatload about their topic. Great deliverers but not so good at generating revenues.


Why should you care?


Believe me, revenue generation is a top reason why partners fail. Unfortunately, firms take a simple view here: no revenues means no career.


I get it, you’re very busy with lots of other important things to get done. However, revenue generation needs to become a priority if you want to succeed as a partner.


You’re holding yourself back


It’s easy to blame others but it is usually you that gets in your way. If you’re a partner and struggling with generating revenue, I bet you’ll recognise this:


1.  You’ve never made the leap to selling. Because you’re a professional detesting sales and think the whole process is below you.


2. You don’t habitually time block sales and marketing activities. Unfortunately, there’s always something else more important to do so you very rarely start.


3. You don’t break down your annual goal into smaller chunks. As a result, that annual target becomes unwieldy, scary, demotivating and you’re unsuccessful.


4. You don’t understand what throughput the various levels of your lead funnel require. Let’s check, you’ve got a lead funnel, right?!


5. You don’t stay in touch with potential clients or contacts and systematically record what you talked about. Specifically, you lack a personal CRM!


Are you nodding your head?


Soon you’ll be fielding calls from your managing partner and wasting time chasing any lead in a state of panic.


You might get successful. Well done. But then you ease off. And after a while, your managing partner is on the phone again…


Get out of this cycle!


You can break it but you need a plan, a system.


One that works, runs like clockwork, and which you can hold on to.


Work out what’s holding you back. Which of the five issues can you work on first? Second? Third?


Get a revenue generation system in place – quickly!


Otherwise, you’re running out of time!


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